Translation of Prayer for GADEN LHAGYAMA ~ the Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy

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GADEN LHAGYAMA ~ the Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy

In Tibetan

Ga den lha gyi gon kyi tug karr nay
rab kar zho shar pung dri chu dzin tser
cho kyi gyal po kun kyen lob zang drag
say dang chay pa nay dir shug su sol

dun kyi nam ka seng dri pay day teng
je tsun la ma gye pay dzum kar chen
dag lo day pay so nam zhing chog du
ten pa gye chir kal gyar shug su sol

shay je kyon kun jal way lo dro tug
kal sang na way gyen gyur leg shay sung
drag pay pel gyi lham may dze pay ku
tong to dren pay don den la chag tsal

yi ong cho yon na tsog may tog dang
dri shim dub po nang sel dri chub sog
ngo shum yi trul cho trin gya tso di
so nam zhing chog kyo la chur par bul

gang she tog may du nay sag pa yi
lu ngag yi sung mi gay chi gyi dang
kye par dom pa sum gyi mi tun chog
nying nay jor pa drag po so sor shag

nyig may du dir mang to drub la tson
cho gye pang pay dal jor don yu jay
gon po kyo kyi lab chen dze pa la
dag chag sam pa tag pay yi rang ngo

jet tsun la ma dam pa kye nam kyi
cho kun ka la kyen tse ten tril ney
ji tar tsam pay dul jay dzin ma la
sab gye cho kyi char pa ab tu sol

dag gi ji nyi sag pay gyay wa di
ten dang dro wa kun la gang pen dang
kye par je tsun lob zang drag pa yi
ten pay nying po ring du sel jay shog

Now Translation of Above in English

Refuge and generating the altruistic intention

I go for Refuge until I am Enlightened to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
From the virtuous merit I collect by listening to the teachings
May I attain the state of Buddhahood
To be able to benefit all sentient beings.

GADEN LHAGYAMA ~ the Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy

From the heart of the Protector of the hundred deities of the Land of Joy,
Comes a cloud that resembles a mass of fresh white curd,
Omniscient Lobsang Dragpa, King of the Dharma,
Together with your Sons, I request you to come here now.

Oh Venerable Gurus with white smiles of delight,
Seated on lion-thrones, a lotus and a moon seat in the space before me,
I request you to remain for hundred of aeons in order to spread the teachings,
And be the supreme Field of Merit to inspire my mind with faith.

Your minds have the intellect that comprehends the full extend of what can be known.
Your speech, with its excellent explanations is the ear-ornament for those of good
Your bodies are radiantly handsome with glory renowned
I prostrate to you, whom to behold, hear or recall is worthwhile,

Pleasing water offerings, various flowers,
Fragrant incense, light and scented water,
An ocean of real and visualized cloud-like offerings,
Both physically arranged and mentally created,
I present to you, Oh supreme Field of Merit.

Whatever non-virtues of body, speech and mind
I have accumulated from beginningless time,
And especially any transgressions of my three vows,
I confess over and again with fervent sincerity from my heart.

From the depths of our hearts we rejoice Oh Protectors,
In the great waves of your deeds,
You who strove to learn and practice in this degenerate age,
And made life meaningful by abandoning the eight worldly feelings.

Oh Holy and Venerable Lama, from the clouds of compassion
That form in the skies of your Dharmakaya wisdom,
Please release a rain of vast and profound Dharma
Precisely in accordance with the needs of those to be trained.

I dedicate whatever virtues I have ever collected
For the benefit of the teachings and of all sentient beings,
And in particular for the essential teachings




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